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Julia is a significant name for me. My dearest sister is Julia. My best schoolmate named Julia. The good friend of mine, my ex-colleague from IT business past, is Julia and we live in the same city again that makes me happy. She is kindly presented in this story.

To name our signature linen coat/dress JULIA was very natural and highlighted on my naming short-list from the day one. I wanted to give it a personality of all my Julias: charming nature, positive attitude to life, sensitivity and empathy blended with a strong character and confidence.

To reveal their gorgeous features, I have added to this coat 10 buttons to make your look firmer and kinda closed when you want it. Spacious pockets guarantee extra comfort and coziness. Generous silhouette gives a precious feeling of freedom.

Soulmate Julia Coat
Soulmate Julia Coat
Soulmate Julia Coat
Soulmate Julia Coat

Light and flattering, flying over your body, hiding you when you need privacy, adding you wings. Wonderful for seaside and great for smart layering in the city. Choose your JULIA in Sea Blue, Warm White or Earth Grey color, made by order of 100% fine European linen. Match it with lovely SASHA top.

You can take a look at other styling options and buy your JULIA here.  


Jane is my very good friend and beautiful name of the recent pants model in our Capsule. They enrich the lineup of our easy matching bottoms. 100% of their comfort based on 100% fine linen and relaxed though elegant silhouette. The slightly cropped length and smart "carrot" straight leg will compliment your frame and show off your favorite pair of shoes.  

JANE is a wonderful choice for both beach or office: combine it with cute SASHA top for chilling near the sea or elegant NATI top for more formal occasion. Choose your set here

Make a mindful choice investing in sustainable linen garments and let holiday vibes be with you thru many seasons.

Thanks for reading,
Helena | The Minimalista founder

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