Welcome to Minimalista

Soulmate Founder

My name is Helena and I am the founder and soul of the Minimalista.  Hey, is this really about me? I am incredibly excited to be in this role and this team after years of dreaming. I still have to pinch myself every day to remind that I am in my new life when my job is exactly what I love to do. Amazing! 

I wouldn't do this big step without enormous support of my hubby and special mates - my best girlfriends. They always believed in my ideas, capabilities and inspired me significantly. Therefore as a sign of my sincere gratitude I have labeled garments of Signature Collection with their beautiful names.
Genuine friendship and positive spirit enrich our lives, and this is the idea of my brand name: I believe in a synergy of visionary soulmates and want to expand it across the sustainable fashion world. 
While developing Minimalista brand DNA, I was thinking a lot about what I can bring as an impact for my customers, society, and environment. What women nowadays are asking daily? How can I help to simplify their lives in our fast, fast world? And here's is the list of my resolutions in reply to modern women insights: 
  • Eliminate “nothing-to-wear” mentality when choosing your morning outfit.  
  • Design current minimalist silhouettes and easy match.
  • Use sustainable, comfortable and natural fabrics.
  • Deliver high craftsmen quality and longer life of garments.
  • Prioritize mindful consumption and fair trade business model.
  • Manage lower cost per wear.
  • Spread the idea of "Less is more".
Today, after the careful research, testing samples and designs, I see how well this concept of "Less is more" resonates with a point of view of many sophisticated and passionate women across the world. I create garments that effortlessly compliment other women and simplify their eternal what-to-wear decisions and enjoy getting their excited feedback. 
You do not put clothes into the focal point of your life while prefer to look self-confident and effortlessly?  Do you keep ethical aspects of the garment production and following recycling in your mind? Do you want to feel involved and feel understood and accepted? Then, please be my Soulmate. You are so much welcome to join our growing Minimalista Community!
I deeply appreciate this privilege to get a chance to share my thoughts and my products with you. Thank you for reading this. Looking forward to seeing you in a community of sustainable fashion soulmates. 
Thank you,
Helena & the Minimalista Team