Hi, my name is Lena and I am the founder and curator of SESSTRY label. This name in my mother tongue consonant with "sisters" and I decided to start this project to outline the power, energy, and self-estimation of my soul-sisters. I am so glad to be in this role after years of dreaming. I still have to pinch myself to remind that I am in my new life when my job is exactly what I love to do. 

How did I start this?

I wouldn't do this big step out from a successful corporate career without support from my hubby and my special mates - best girlfriends for decades, genuine soul-sisters. They always believed in my ideas, capabilities and inspired me significantly. As a sign of my sincere gratitude, I have labeled garments from my debut Soulmate capsule collection with their names: Nati, Sasha, Mari, Kale, Julia, and Emma ❤

I believe that genuine friendship and positive spirit enrich our lives being a source of enormous synergy. I am extremely happy that I am getting more support from the local community here in Spain adding new names to my women backers list - thanks, dear Mayte, Jane, Sandra, Sil, Monica, Esther, Olesa, and Steph.

While developing the SESSTRY brand, I was thinking a lot about how I can impact my customers, society, and environment. What women nowadays are asking daily? How can I help to simplify their lives in our fast, fast world having a minimalist slow lifestyle in mind?

This is the list of my resolutions in reply to modern women needs: 

    • Design timeless minimalist silhouettes for long-term wear & easy match to minimize a time spent in front of a wardrobe.
    • Prioritize mindful consumption and fair trade business model.
    • Use sustainable, comfortable, natural and nature-friendly fabrics.
    • Deliver high production quality to prolong the life of garments and support fairly-paid craftsmanship skills.
    • Spread the idea of minimalistic "less is more" life attitude.

Today, after careful research, design and samples tests, your reviews I see how well this minimalistic concept resonates with so many sophisticated and passionate women across the world. 

As a woman, I create clothing that effortlessly complements other women to support their self-confidence and poise. 

SESSTRY is your destination if you prefer a conscious lifestyle, do not put clothes into the focal point of your life and love to feel self-confident and look effortlessly.

Do you want to feel involved, understood and accepted? You are so welcome to join our growing Community.

I deeply appreciate this privilege to get a chance to share my thoughts and my product with you. Thank you for reading this. Looking forward to seeing you in a community of sustainable lifestyle soul-sisters.

Lena & SESSTRY Family